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The following issues are available free-of-charge in any amount from the Public Policy Division. To order copies of any issues, contact Karah May at (517) 372-9310.

  1. With Gratitude for African-American Catholics
  2. A Blueprint for the Common Good: 2021–2022 Advocacy Principles
  3. The Issues, The Candidates, and Your Vote 2020
  4. On Care for Our Common Home: Reflecting on Laudato Si’
  5. 2020 Census—Counting Our Communities
  6. Advocacy on Behalf of Those in Need
  7. Catholic Charities—Uniting Children with Loving Families
  8. Clean and Affordable Water for All
  9. A Blueprint for the Common Good: 2019–2020 Advocacy Principles
  10. Proposal 1: Say No to Recreational Marijuana
  11. The Issues, The Candidates, and Your Vote 2018
  12. Promoting Religious Freedom Through Interfaith Dialogue
  13. Vaccinations and the Common Good
  14. Promoting a Respect for Life
  15. Freedom to Serve
  16. Confronting the Opioid Crisis in Michigan
  17. A Blueprint for the Common Good
  18. The Issues, the Candidates and Your Vote: Calling for Dignity in the Public Square
  19. Transportation, Community, and the Common Good
  20. Refugees and Catholic Social Teaching
  21. Reforming Juvenile Justice in Michigan
  22. Confronting Violence in Society
  23. Special Election Statewide Ballot Question: Proposal 15-1
  24. 2015–2016 Advocacy Principles: A Blueprint for the Common Good
  25. The Issues, The Candidates & Your Vote 2014
  26. Crime and Criminal Punishment: Juvenile Life Without Parole
  27. Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery in Our Midst
  28. Catholic Education: Developing Hearts and Minds of Faith
  29. Conscience Rights, A Foundation for Democracy
  30. 2013-2014 Advocacy Priorities
  31. 2012 Statewide Ballot Proposals
  32. Forming Consciences for Religious Liberty
  33. The Issues, the Candidates and Your Vote 2012
  34. Extending the Love of Our Father
  35. Promoting Religious Liberty Through Advocacy
  36. I Was a Stranger
  37. 2011–12 Advocacy Priorities
  38. Protecting Michigan's Constitution: No on Proposal 1
  39. Health Care as a Basic Human Right
  40. Defending the Poor
  41. 2009–2010 Advocacy Priorities
  42. Proposal 2: Unregulated Embryo Destruction
  43. Sobre la Inmigración
  44. On Immigration
  45. Poverty in Michigan: Grief, Anxiety and Suffering on the Rise
  46. The Science of Stem Cells: Finding Cures and Protecting Life
  47. 2007–2008 Advocacy Priorities
  48. Proposal 5: Unreasonable, Unfunded and Unnecessary
  49. Proposal 2: Unjust for Michigan
  50. The Issues, The Candidates and Your Vote 2006
  51. Reflections Concerning Payday Lending
  52. Technology as a Tool for the Common Good
  53. MCC 2005–06 Advocacy Priorities
  54. On the Ethics of Stem Cell Research
  55. Proposal 2: Defending One Man and One Woman in Marriage
  56. The Issues, The Candidates and Your Vote 2004
  57. On the Sanctity of Marriage
  58. The 2003–2004 State Budget: A Moral Statement
  59. Reflection by Bishop James A. Murray on the MCC's Fortieth Anniversary
  60. Standing For the Unborn: A Statement of the Society of Jesus in the United States on Abortion
  61. Michigan Catholic Conference 2003–2004 Legislative Priorities
  62. Proposal 4 Unhealthy for Michigan
  63. 2002 Congressional Candidate Questionnaire
  64. The Issues, The Candidates and Your Vote 2002
  65. The Elements of Catholic Social Teaching
  66. Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  67. Michigan Catholic Conference 2001–2002 Legislative Priorities
  68. Michigan’s New Concealed Weapon Law
  69. 2000 Congressional Candidate Questionnaire
  70. BALLOT PROPOSAL 1 Putting Kids First
  71. The Issues, The Candidates and Your Vote 2000
  72. Catholic Charities of Michigan
  73. Michigan Catholic Conference 1999–2000 Legislative Agenda
  74. 1998 Congressional Candidate Questionnaire
  75. Proposal B: Physician Assisted Suicide
Michigan Catholic Conference
(800) 395-5565
(517) 372-3940
510 South Capitol Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48933
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