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    Cyber Security: Best Practices

    Ryan Bunce, manager of the MCC Information Technology Department, presents best practices in the Cyber Security industry. Topics covered include the importance of encryption and different ways data and equipment should be managed to ensure the highest level of security.

    Cyber Security: Hacker Prevention

    MCC’s Justin Mattson presents on cyber security and provides simple solutions all locations can implement to keep their sensitive data secure. Topics discussed include what hackers are, the goal of hacking, and examples of various cyber-attacks.

    Cyber Security: Basics

    MCC’s Justin Mattson presents on various forms of cyber attacks and provides recommendations all locations can implement to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

    Cyber Security and Liability Webinar

    Along with MCC’s Information and Technology Manager Ryan Bunce, John Greenburg and Vince Andrews present an overview of Cyber Security and best practices as they relate to the placement of Cyber Liability Insurance. This broad overview introduces the different types of cyber threats and ways to mitigate losses and protect your data and systems from potential hackers.

    Fundamentals of Boiler Maintenance

    This MCC Webinar brings together experts from Hartford Steam Boiler to discuss the fundamentals of Boiler Maintenance. Topics discussed include an overview of the different types of boilers, maintenance requirements and what to expect from a boiler inspection and your inspector.

    Risk Management Online Resources

    In this installment of the MCC Webinar series John Greenburg, Risk Control Specialist walks you through the various web-based tools that are at available to assist you and your staff in your efforts to minimize risk and prevent loss.

    Managing Idle Buildings Webinar

    John Greenburg and Vince Andrews present a video from Travelers’ Insurance Company on minimizing risks of idle buildings. Many of our buildings that were once used frequently are now sitting idle during the pandemic. This webinar will discuss potential hazards of idle buildings and provide recommendations on how to manage them.

    Protected Loss Fund Program Webinar Series: Part 3

    In this final webinar of the series, John Greenburg highlights several emerging issues for which our locations need to prepare and discusses ways to further minimize existing risks. He also presents the ins and outs of Special Events Insurance specifically detailing when it is or isn’t necessary to purchase. Finally, he shared the many online resources available to our locations that can help with our daily safety and risk management responsibilities, focusing especially on our Learning Management System and the Travelers’ Risk Control website. The slideshow used in this webinar is also available for download.

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