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    Another Attempt to Restore Nonpublic School Funding Rejected

    Two young girls in school uniforms taking a test in the classroom

    Efforts to amend the state budget in the Senate to include nonpublic schools in safety funding and other initiatives fell short this week. However, the budget process still isn’t over. Read about where things stand, as well updates on legislation to promote awareness of safe gun storage requirements and shed light on payday lending practices, in this week’s Lansing Update.

    House Budget Snubs Nonpublic Schools on Safety Funding

    Two smiling children in school uniforms, both eating apples.

    Not a single penny for school safety or mental health service funding was proposed for nonpublic schools in the House’s first draft of next year’s school spending plan. While nonpublic schools didn’t receive any of MCC’s requested funding, it’s not over yet. Also this week, MCC supported important legislation that builds on the implementation of safe storage requirements for keeping guns at home and away from kids. Read more in this week’s Lansing Update.

    Lawmakers Propose Restoring Some Planned Cuts to Nonpublic Schools

    Students in class at a Catholic school.

    After more than 4,000 messages sent to lawmakers from grassroots advocates, lawmakers proposed a school spending budget this week that restored some funding cuts to nonpublic schools that were proposed by the Governor—but not everything. Plus, MCC testified in support of capping predatory payday lending rates, and is calling on Catholics to urge their representatives to do the same. Read more in this week’s Lansing Update.

    Local School Officials Take Advocacy for State’s Nonpublic Schools Directly to Lawmakers

    Nonpublic school leaders gather at the Capitol for the annual Public Policy Day organized by MCC and the Michigan Association of Nonpublic Schools.

    Leaders of nonpublic schools from across Michigan were in Lansing this week to meet with dozens of lawmakers to advocate for state support of nonpublic schools, including restoration of previously funded items for school safety and robotics programs. Also, the Senate unfortunately voted to send the MCC-opposed surrogacy legislation to the Governor. Read more in this week’s Lansing Update.

    MCC Defends Vulnerable Women, Stands Against Commodifying Children

    Rebecca Mastee, policy advocate for MCC, testifies in opposition to the commercial surrogacy package before a Senate committee.

    Just months after Pope Francis issued a call for a global ban on surrogacy, Michigan lawmakers resumed consideration of legalizing commercialized, compensated surrogacy contracts in this state, which would make Michigan an international outlier. Learn why MCC testified against this legislation and why it’s harmful for the vulnerable women who become surrogates in this week’s Lansing Update.

    This Week in Capitol Advocacy: Protecting the Poor From Predatory Lending; Protecting Mothers Who Chose Adoption

    Tom Hickson, MCC vice president for public policy and advocacy, testifies for legislation to cap payday loan rates and shows the Senate committee a document listing alternative low-interest lending options for people in need. Behind him is Lorray Brown, managing attorney of the Michigan Poverty Law Program.

    MCC advocates testified before lawmakers this week for legislation to cap interest on predatory payday loans as well as against legislation that would remove the promise of confidentiality for birth mothers who chose adoption. Read about the implications of these issues and why the Church in Michigan is speaking to them in this week’s Lansing Update.

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