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    A Catholic Response to the Population Problem

    The family is the foundation of society —Vatican II

    The long-awaited report from the state population growth council is out, and MCC commented on what the council did well and what they missed. Read more on the Catholic perspective to the state population problem, as well as other updates on legislation MCC has been working on that became law recently.

    Pro-Family Policies Would Propel Michigan’s Population

    Government leaders must do everything possible to ensure that all can have the minimum spiritual and material means needed to live in dignity and to create and support a family. —Pope Francis

    With public policymakers concerned about Michigan’s lack of population growth, MCC put forth its perspective that policies focused on supporting and growing families are key for long-term population growth in this state. For more on MCC’s advocacy on this issue, plus some resources for getting Advent started off right this Sunday, read this week’s Lansing Update.

    Crucial Limits on Abortion Would Remain Law Under House-Passed Version of RHA

    Rebecca Mastee, policy advocate for MCC, testifies against legislation that would legalize surrogacy contracts in Michigan during the House Judiciary Committee this week.

    While the House passed portions of the dangerous Reproductive Health Act on party-line votes in a late night session this week, the scope of the House-approved RHA is a vast departure from what abortion advocates were seeking to remove from state law when it comes to abortion limits. Also, MCC testifies against legalizing surrogacy contracts in legislation that is speeding through the Legislature. Read about that and more in this week’s Lansing Update.

    New Threat to Women, Children Emerges at Capitol

    The Michigan State Capitol Building in early fall

    In addition to the dangerous Reproductive Health Act moving through the Legislature, a new threat to the health and safety of women and children in Michigan has suddenly emerged in Lansing. Learn more about this new issue and what MCC’s concerns are about it in this week’s Lansing Update.

    Abortion Deregulation Bills Advance Despite Widespread Opposition from Michigan Voters

    Close-up of a pregnant woman protectively holding her belly with both hands

    MCC this week continued to make the case that the Reproductive Health Act would harm the health and safety of vulnerable women in Michigan and is out of step with the will of Michigan voters. Despite these efforts, a majority of Michigan senators sided with the abortion industry in sending the bills to the House. Also this week, lawmakers took testimony on MCC-supported bills to crack down on church vandalism, and the Governor signed MCC-backed bills to ensure kids are drinking safe water at schools and daycares. Read more in this week’s Lansing Update.

    Physician Shares Story of Woman Who Survived Abortion Complication in Testimony Against Abortion Deregulation Bills

    Rebecca Mastee, policy advocate for MCC, testifies against the RHA package before the Senate Housing and Human Services Committee.

    As a second legislative committee took up testimony on the dangerous Reproductive Health Act bills, a physician shared about helping to save a woman who had to be rushed to a hospital after suffering an abortion complication at a clinic. The story illustrated why the various abortion protections and safeguards up for repeal in the RHA are needed. Read about that story and other legislative updates of interest to MCC in this week’s Lansing Update.

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