Lansing Update: October 4, 2013

  1. Abortion Opt-Out Petitions Delivered to the Secretary of State

Abortion Opt-Out Petitions Delivered to the Secretary of State

Two months ahead of the deadline, No Taxes for Abortion Insurance turned in signatures today from the abortion opt-out petition drive, which would keep Michigan tax dollars and insurance premiums from paying for abortions. Although only 258,088 signatures were required, the group turned in 315,000, including signatures from every county in the state. This sends a clear message to the Michigan Legislature that the people of Michigan do not support their tax dollars contributing to abortion.

Once the signatures are verified by the Board of State Canvassers, the petition legislation will be put before the Michigan Legislature, who will have 40 calendar days to vote on the measure. With a simple majority vote in both the Michigan House and Senate, the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act will become law.

Michigan Catholic Conference would like to thank all of you who signed the petition and participated in gathering signatures. Thanks to your hard work and dedication to the pro-life cause, Michigan is a step closer to adopting much needed abortion opt-out legislation. Further updates will be provided as the process continues.

To view pictures of supporters turning in the signatures today, visit Michigan Catholic Conference’s Facebook page.

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