News Release: Michigan Catholic Conference Calls For An End To Anti-Immigrant Hate ads

Television and Radio Stations Urged to Pull Ads

April 26, 2000

LANSING—An official of the Michigan Catholic Conference today urged all radio and television outlets in the state to pull advertising being run by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) or any other anti-immigrant hate group.

Paul A. Long, vice president for public policy of the Michigan Catholic Conference, called the ads against United States Senator Spencer Abraham, being run by this group, shameful and filled with hate.

“In his Easter Sunday message, Pope John Paul II called for the nations of the world to reject attitudes of racism and xenophobia,” Long said. “We can begin right here, in the state of Michigan, with a refusal of media outlets in this state to air ads whose only purpose is to divide us by ethnic and religious backgrounds.”

Long pointed out that while these ads seem only to be “issue ads” aimed at a particular piece of federal legislation, the reality is that the whole sum and purpose of them is to cause fear and hatred of immigrant groups entering our state and nation. “We are a nation of immigrants,” Long said. “Because Senator Abraham has been an outspoken champion of the rights of immigrants, this anti-immigrant hate group has chosen to attack him with one of the most subversive advertising campaigns in recent memory.”

Long stated that the xenophobic and anti-Catholic nature of FAIR is well documented. “As it is our belief that media outlets would not air advertising paid for by race-based hate groups, we do not believe that they should accept and air ads paid for by anti-immigrant hate groups. We urge all radio and television stations in Michigan to pull these ads from their schedules and to no longer accept ads paid for by FAIR or any other such hate group.”

On April 26, the Michigan Catholic Conference sent a letter with this message to radio and television stations across Michigan.

Michigan Catholic Conference is the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in this state.

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