News Release: Michigan Catholic Conference Calls For Apology from The State News For Anti-Christian Cartoon

October 11, 2000

LANSING—For the second time in two weeks, the Michigan Catholic Conference called for an apology from a newspaper for printing a blatant anti-Christian cartoon on its editorial page. The October 10, 2000 edition of The State News contained a blatant mockery of the most sacred symbol of Christianity.

Paul A. Long, Vice President of Public Policy, of the Michigan Catholic Conference, called the cartoon by Justin Bilicki inflammatory, shameful and filled with hate.

“For The State News to print such a disgusting and insulting cartoon as a legitimate editorial expression is inconceivable,” Long said. “It is one thing for the editors to disagree with the reform objectives of Proposal 1. It is an entirely different matter to attack the faith of many of its supporters. Would Mr. Bilicki and his editors, through cartoon or written editorial, seek to malign other faiths or ethnic groups in this way? The answer is most likely not. Why then, this attack on Christians?”

“Proposal 1 enjoys a broad coalition of support, including members of many faiths. No matter the faith tradition of an individual, this cartoon disturbs the hearts and souls of all. On behalf of the Michigan Catholic Conference I call upon Mr. Bilicki and the editors of The State News to publicly apologize to every person of faith in this state who they have offended.” Long concluded.

Michigan Catholic Conference is the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in this state.

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