Catholic Conference Urges Support for Net Neutrality

    Measures Needed to Protect Internet-Based Religious Speech

    As the Michigan Senate prepares to deliberate measures deregulating the cable television market, the Conference is urging members to ensure “net neutrality” protections are included with the legislation in order to safeguard Internet-based religious speech.

    Election Comments of Adam Cardinal Maida

    Michigan Catholic Conference Chairman of the Board His Eminence Adam Cardinal Maida, Archbishop of Detroit, has addressed Tuesday’s election, reminding Catholic voters of their moral duty to participate in the political process and urged their “no” vote on Proposals 2 and 5. Cardinal Maida also called for Catholics to vote for candidates who are respectful of the common good, especially as it relates to the dignity of human life.

    MCC Hails New State Earned Income Tax Credit

    Anti-Poverty Measure Is “Best Piece of Legislation Passed This Year’

    Creating a state Earned Income Tax Credit that piggybacks the federal credit will prove to be the best piece of legislation passed by the State this year, the Michigan Catholic Conference stated today as the governor enacted Senate Bill 453. The Conference sites the tax credit’s ability to bring financial relief to low-income working families who pay high marginal tax rates.

    MCC Applauds Senate for Creating State Earned Income Tax Credit

    Measure Will Prove To Be The Best Piece of Legislation Passed This Year, Says Conference

    “The Conference congratulates those from both parties who voted in favor of the working poor as the creation of this common sense tax measure will prove to be the best piece of legislation passed this year,” says MCC Vice President for Public Policy Paul A. Long.

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