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    2012 Statewide Ballot Proposals

    Michigan voters participating in the statewide general election this November will have the opportunity to vote on six policy questions. These six questions will be the highest number of ballot proposals Michigan voters will have witnessed in some 25 years. Five of the questions are proposed constitutional amendments while the sixth, Proposal 1, is a referendum on an existing state law. Michigan Catholic Conference is urging a “no” vote on Proposal 5.

    Forming Consciences for Religious Liberty

    Pope Benedict XVI has said that each generation must “preserve, defend and advance” freedom and justice during its time. In light of the Holy Father’s statement, Catholics this election season are urged to evaluate candidates and policies that protect human life, promote dignity, and maintain the bedrock American constitutional right to religious freedom.

    The Issues, the Candidates and Your Vote 2012

    The purpose of this FOCUS publication is to expand upon those primary issues of concern to the Church, especially religious freedom, and to present additional information with which Catholics can absorb and research this election season in light of the Church’s call to Faithful Citizenship.

    “Extending the Love of Our Father”

    The purpose of this FOCUS publication is to highlight foster care in Michigan and across the country, and to identify agencies in the state that can provide opportunities and answer questions for those with interest. Indeed, foster care parents are extending the love of our father in Heaven.

    Promoting Religious Liberty Through Advocacy

    Grassroots advocacy remains a critical resource and a valuable opportunity for Catholics to urge public officials to enact policies that advance the common good and uphold the moral fiber of the state. While the Catholic Legislative Advocacy Network continues to grow in 2012, new and frightful legislative challenges have arisen. Regrettably, policies have surfaced at the congressional level, now funneling down to the state level, that obstruct the Catholic Church’s constitutional right to exercise its faith free from government intervention.