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    Promoting a Respect for Life

    Cover of FOCUS: Promoting a Respect for Life

    Creating a society that recognizes the dignity of every person is a task for all people of faith. The Catholic Church and Catholics across Michigan live this teaching in a number of ways, including by providing alternatives to abortion for expectant mothers, post-abortive counseling, and compassionate and life-affirming care at the end of one’s life. Michigan Catholic Conference’s latest FOCUS publication examines these services, highlights legislative successes that protect human life, and offers ways that Michiganders can recognize the dignity of all persons in their own communities.

    MCC Promotes the Freedom to Serve

    Cover of the September 2017 issue of FOCUS: Freedom to Serve

    This FOCUS publication examines why protecting the Freedom to Serve in the public realm is important for the common good, and how the people of Michigan—especially the vulnerable and marginalized—rely on the education, health care, and charitable services provided by the Catholic faithful and entities across the state. Parishes, schools, and other Catholic institutions are invited to request copies of this edition from MCC at no cost.

    Confronting the Opioid Crisis in Michigan

    First page of FOCUS for June 2017: Confronting Michigan's Opioid Crisis

    The statistics surrounding opioid abuse are distressing, but even more distressing is the human face of addiction, which includes relatives, neighbors, friends, parishioners, and community members. This issue of FOCUS explores the growing opioid crisis — abuse of prescription drugs and use of heroin — and efforts to address addiction by the Catholic Church and the State of Michigan. Contact MCC to order additional copies of this publication at no cost to the parish, school, or other Catholic entity.

    A Blueprint for the Common Good

    Front cover of A Blueprint for the Common Good

    At the beginning of each biennial session of the Michigan Legislature MCC publishes through FOCUS its advocacy priorities for the next two years. These priorities, entitled A Blueprint for the Common Good, have been approved by the MCC Board of Directors. The document is shared with members of the Legislature, Democrats and Republicans, and provide MCC staff with guidance on important public policy issues as the legislative session advances.