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    Protecting Michigan's Constitution: No on Proposal 1

    MCC Board of Directors has taken a position to oppose Proposal 1, a question on the November ballot that will ask voters if Michigan should convene a constitutional convention in 2011. This Focus publication provides questions and answers about a “con-con” and explains why the ballot question should be opposed by voters.

    “Health Care as a Basic Human Right”

    This edition of FOCUS seeks to advance the Church’s support for universal health care, to detail what policy positions must be included in any effort to reform the nation’s health care delivery system, and to provide additional resources for Catholics to learn more about this critical, and morally relevant public policy.

    Defending the Poor

    This FOCUS essay addresses the problems with Michigan's public defender system, cites Church teaching on the subject of crime and indigent defense, details those organizations supporting the Campaign for Justice, and provides additional resources.

    2009–2010 Advocacy Priorities

    Every two years the Michigan Catholic Conference Board of Directors approves an advocacy agenda for the forthcoming legislative session. Coordinated and implemented by Conference staff, the advocacy agenda for the 95th legislative session concentrates on eight policy categories: Religious Freedom, Human Life, Children and Families, Health Care, Education, Economic Justice and Regulatory Policies, Restorative Justice, and Federal Issues.

    Proposal 2: Unregulated Embryo Destruction

    Advocates of embryo research have placed on the November general election ballot a proposal that seeks to allow for the unregulated destruction of human embryos.This FOCUS publication is intended to analyze the effects of Proposal 2, and to help Michigan Catholics understand the damage the proposal will inflict upon the State of Michigan and its continued defense of human dignity.

    On Immigration

    This publication of FOCUS analyzes immigration policy in Michigan, how Church teaching relates to this important topic, and features a republication of the Michigan bishops' statement on federal comprehensive immigration reform.

    Poverty in Michigan: Grief, Anxiety and Suffering on the Rise

    The Conference's latest Focus publication analyzes poverty in Michigan from 2001–2006, highlights skyrocketing home foreclosure rates, decreased access to health insurance and the state's high unemployment rate, and calls on elected officials to rediscover the option for Michigan's poor and vulnerable.

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