MCC to Urge “No’ Vote on Proposal 5

    The Michigan Catholic Conference Board of Directors earlier this week adopted a position to oppose Proposal 5, the ballot question that will ask Michigan voters if tax increases should only be approved with two-thirds support from both the Michigan House of Representatives and the State Senate.

    MCC Applauds Senate Judiciary Committee for Acting to Protect Health and Safety of Michigan Women

    Legislation Will License Abortion Clinics that Remain Unlicensed, Uninspected

    Michigan Catholic Conference is applauding members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who voted today to support legislation that will better protect the health and safety of Michigan women who choose the path of abortion. House Bill 5711, which passed the committee by a vote of 3–1, seeks to ensure that unlicensed abortion businesses in Michigan become licensed and thereby inspected by state health officials.

    “Safe, Legal and Rare’ Has Found Its Death in Michigan

    News reports of a planned Capitol protest for Wednesday, July 18 by pro-abortion rights advocates signals the death of “safe, legal and rare” in Michigan, Michigan Catholic Conference stated today. The rally is in opposition to House Bill 5711, legislation that passed the Michigan House of Representatives in June with bipartisan support that would license non-licensed abortion clinics and inspect locations that have rarely or never been inspected.

    Catholic Conference Urges Parental Options in Rewrite of State School Aid Act

    As a panel appointed by Governor Snyder has met today to begin discussing a transition from the State School Aid Act of 1979 toward a “Michigan Education Finance Act of 2013,” Michigan Catholic Conference is encouraging its members and those participating to focus efforts on ensuring sufficient options are available for parents to choose an educational setting that best fits their children’s needs.

    Catholic Conference Offers Support for Measures to Reform Abortion Industry in Michigan

    Only 4 of 32 Outpatient Abortion Facilities in Michigan are Licensed

    Michigan Catholic Conference Policy Advocate Rebecca Mastee testified today before the House Health Policy Committee in support of legislation that will protect women from unacceptable and harmful abortion practices, facilities, and practitioners. The legislation, House Bill 5711, combines several existing bills into one “pro life omnibus” bill that addresses, in part, abortion clinic abuses that were discussed at a March 15th Senate subcommittee hearing.

    MCC Files Lawsuit Against Federal Government Over HHS Mandate

    Complaint Cites First Amendment Religious Liberty Violations

    Michigan Catholic Conference today filed documents in U.S. District Court as a plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the mandate established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that requires many faith-based employers to provide in their health benefit plans abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization and artificial contraception, all of which the Catholic Church finds morally objectionable.

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